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    Please, could you tell me how to know the best evalution of diagnostics for an experiment?and how to use reliability apportionment to set mtbf goals?
    Best regards 



    Are you cleared for this information?   What is the color of the boathouse at Hereford?


    Adam L Bowden

    “What is the color of the boathouse at Hereford?” – a rather
    cunning reply fellow Jhedi master !!!the reply ranges from ….
    – you should know that if …
    – gray
    – The Boathouse at Hereford is constructed from red brick with
    wood panelling and blue painted doors. It’s camouflaged
    as a rowing club to blend in with local surroundings, and has a
    particularly well appointed bar.
    – it is repainted in every few months in a different colour.
    Deception tactic
    and finally … my favourite humour






    One of my favourite films…..
    also, one of my favourite quotes ” where there’s doubt – there’s no doubt”.
    maybe apt in our line of work.


    David H. de Jesus

    The situation of NOT getting proper profit by the marketing from our medical center has been already an individual dilemma. Everyone (from lower management) are trying at his/her best to do own marketing. Though the reason I strongly don’t like, I find it honestly a burden to the lower level subordinates because I see the mishap turning the pages instead to the marketing level, now down to the employee. I understand the resources for individual marketing is not on the employees hands and I assume very slim chances this things will work..
     This was my previous posting in healthcare forum. And to my apology I needed it to have it posted in my request to get your attention, assitance, direction and at most help…..
    (Dated 27.04.2009) Hello to everyone….Being new at this medical center (for just 3 months) as a quality practitioner seems not excuse to get inherited of the marketing problem. The performance of what I oversee in the marketing division seem not productive. Honestly, they have done so much money pouring into adds that only little has been done on input to our centers. Our patient has lesser influx and target are lesser than I am expected.  
    It concerns me alot despite the aligning of my professional goals & thier goals (on increasing profits) I see little if not no participation from the concern. The value of my commitment to increase revenue and evaluating thier performance made an awkward stand from myside (as new comer) to thier environment. The attitudes of some people in Mecca, KSA where I work (to some arabs) seem not open to changes specially when it come from a registered nurse (RN)…
    With all your knowlegde I seek favorably (to anyone willing to extend) and to help me in details formulating the approaches from getting the admin right on track where they have started. The laying off of 10% personnel staff seems not a remedy to solve the lesser profit that the center is experiencing….email me at this address this would really be of great help from all of you…thank you..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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