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    Barkha Saxena

    Hi All,

    I am facing issues with creating Null & Alternate Hypothesis statement. My Y is C-Sat & one of my X’s is Tenure.
    Would it be correct if I say:-
    Ho – Tenure doesn’t impact my C-Sat
    Ha – Tenure impacts my C-Sat

    Thanks in advance for helping.



    Chris Seider

    that’s a fairly worded statement. Be aware you’ll need a p-value (probability) to determine your line of acceptance of the hypothesis tests.

    Now you need to understand whether your two variables are continuous, discrete, etc. and pick the correct hypothesis test.

    Good luck…good work so far!



    Thanks Chris. I already identified them and have performed the test too. This question was raised by my senior that I have taken wrong Ho & Ha however I was pretty sure :)


    Chris Seider

    fyi….the hypothesis testing tests “a relationship”. It doesn’t confirm “cause and effect” which can be observed with experiments such as DOE or other basic tests.


    Mike Carnell

    The null hypothesis is always an equals statement i.e. one thing equals another (no difference hence “null”) You already have it in the words just put it in some jargon like X1 = X2.

    The alternate is just a difference greater than, less than or if you don’t care about direction just basic does not equal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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