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Topic Creating Value Stream Maps for Assembly as Lean Six Sigma Project

Creating Value Stream Maps for Assembly as Lean Six Sigma Project

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    Mujaffar Muzawar
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    Can we initiate and execute Lean Six Sigma Project with a tittle:


    I have pursued MSc In Lean Manufacturing & Engineering Management so have hands on VSM’s.

    I am also certified LSSGB but have never got opportunity to work in the function.

    I am working currently for a Engine Manufacturing Plant and want to propose creating value streams for all our assembly lines with cross functional members of departments as we they are not upto date and missing.

    I was also thinking to do this under Lean Six Sigma Methodology and run as Lean Six Sigma Project. Is it feasible or am i mixing up methodologies and getting digressing from the aim?

    Could anybody advice me please.

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    Creating the maps isn’t really a Project in itself but the current state VSM could be a good starting point as part of the measure phase for a Project to Optimise the process now.

    As Mike says Just My Opinion

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    @muzawarm – As @andy-parr mentions, VSM’s are not ends to themselves, rather they are tools to organize, document, and communicate. Is there some concern about the efficiency of the lines you want to create VSM’s for? If there is likely little opportunity for significant improvements, spending the resources required for a good VSM may be detrimental, as you will be viewed merely as wasting people’s time. If there is an existing identification that things could be more efficient, but folks can’t quite identify where/how, then a VSM is a great place to start.

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    Thank you so much for the suggestions mean a lot to me.

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    @muzawarm I agree with both responders – the value stream map itself isn’t the objective. Creating one is really creating a picture of what’s currently happening in a “line” in your plant, and using it to evaluate where improvements will solve your biggest problems. So the map should provide multiple “project” opportunities for you to THEN apply your LSS skills. Creating the future state value stream map is a way to put the actualized goals on paper, in a visual format that people can quickly relate to. As you complete improvements, your current state map should change, and when it looks close to your future state map, you were successful – the reward is to repeat the process because you’ll always find more opportunities to improve things…especially as the outside world changes).

    Which brings me to the point I really want to make: before mapping your assembly lines, first figure out what it is those lines are creating in terms of value to your customers. It’s not as simple as “# of parts per time period, or per order.” Dig deeper into the customer’s requirements: what do they use the assembled parts for? what’s the buying behavior further downstream? what problems are they having as a result of HOW you provide the parts to them? There’s tons to consider, but identifying a few key pieces of this type of info will put your value stream maps into the right context…you might find that your current state really doesn’t solve the right problems for customers, so your improvements should focus on THAT first.

    In other words, you can have two possible kinds of future state maps. 1) a nice waste-free efficient flow from raw material to finished goods, or 2) a process that generates MORE value that your customers will benefit from and pay you well for.

    Try to create the second kind. It’s tougher work upfront, but way bigger benefits to your organization long-term (and opportunities for you too).

    If you just want a quick LSS project for your portfolio, the first kind of future state map will give you those options.

    Your choice, good luck!

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    If there’s possibly little possibility for huge upgrades, spending the assets required for a great VSM may be negative, as you will be viewed simply as wasting human beingsā€™s time.

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    Please follow the project charter, this will help you to understand the issue/Problem keeping a Six sigma project in mind.
    VSM can be one of the tools you may use in the Project……

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