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    Management:Why  it  should  take 4-6 months  to  complete  projects?
    **No Management  Support?why?
    ***How  to  interrelate  the  SS methodology  with  other existing methodologies  in  the  organization?
    ***What  is  the  value  of  Certification  after  finishing  the job??How  to  keep  the   belts   motivated and   engaged  in  the  activities?
    ****How  to  sustain  the  achievemnets  and  gains??
    Should  we  go  beyond  SS? Trying  yo  apply Lean-SS with  TOC & Kaizen?



    I’m assuming those are a good representation of the questions you are facing.
    My initial overall response is you have not come to an agreement with management on what the SS program results/metrics are/should be.  Come up with an MGP you can all agree to with metrics.
    My take on responses to the specific questions:
    Project scope is either too large, or resources are not sufficient.  I have found that SS projects need to managed in the project queue – like any other project.  Too many organizations try to run SS projects independent of the formal structure, and then have to beg and plead for resources.  A project queue and resource plan exists for a reason.
    SS is another set of tools for running the business that should complement most methodologies, but you don’t state what existing methodologies you have, so I’m not sure how to answer that – other than one by one.
    Certification is a method of operationalizing SS into the day-to-day processes, and to develop associate skill sets for continuous processs improvement & control plans.You need at least weekly touchpoints with GBs in training & champions.  GB team must meet weekly.  Standard project management process:  assign tasks, dates, responsibilities.  And the tasks should be short enough that the due date is only out a week or two.
    Control plans, continual process improvement, certifications, monthly or quarterly GB & BB forums to keep the army engaged, feedback into the SS process, and moving forward.
    It sounds like you haven’t really got SS working so I wouldn’t dump it for another set of tools yet.  The questions you are getting are just going to keep coming up with any program.  And I see Lean, Kaizen, etc as just tools within the SS umbrella – tools that fit the situation sometimes.


    Mike Carnell

    The 4-6 month thing is crap. Not all projects should take that long because not all projects are the same. It started because the training cycle takes that amount of time, has become the expectation and is now a reality for many organizations. Change the expectation on projects that should take less time and you will get different performance. That means you need to expend the energy to figure how to staratify your projects.
    No management support? You’re working on the wrong stuff.
    No simple answer to the interrelationship other than look for it. To many deployments are managed on a project by project basis. It needs to be managed as a system that is an integral part of a bigger system. There is some of this nonsense about SS becoming an “operating system” for companies – that is delusional at best and definately a complete lack of understanding of SS and what it will and will not do. It is part of a system you need to understand how that system works. (the system I am speaking of is how your company operates)
    Cerification was an ancillary effect when this thing began. It has now become an ends to a means – finding another job. You need to certify for that reason alone. Motivation is a big question – look at the current recognition and rewards system. If you treat a belt differently i.e. give them monetary rewards in a system that is geared to recognition you will have problems. Why would motivating a belt be any different than motivating anyone else to do their job? Read Gary Cones Blog on change agents – get the correct type person to do that job.
    Sustaining gains? Is it a SS issue or does your organization just not understand how to change? Welch introduced Change Accelleration Process and basic company skill to allow him to do the other things he did. If that doesn’t work quantify the benefits of a project, take the money out of the budget of the Process Owner and hold them accountable to the budget. You only need to get rid of one and the rest will understand institutionalization.
    LSS, TOC, Kaizen? Of course. Watch the movie Tin Cup. When you see the scene where Cheech Marin and Kevin Costner break all the clubs except the 7 iron – if you run on SS alone you are playing golf with one club. Why would you do that?
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck



    Forget all the labels and go understand the concepts behind Lean, TOC, Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri, Reliabilty, Organizational Design, ….
    The point here is the best at this continue to learn and understand. They may sell SS or Lean or Policy Deployment; but they don’t believe they are the end all, be all or the final destination.
    The people who name what they do something other than the current fad are the ones who understand best – Toyota Production System, Danaher Business System, ….



    I concur with the post tools.  One large problem for anyone involved in quality, SS, Lean, or other program is the number of terms, definitions, and tools that are out there.  The MBB and GB know many, but try to teach this to staff who already have their corporate glossary to contend with and it becomes nfo overload/shutdown (here they go again) quickly.  The point is use whatever tool you need to move forward, and teach it in terms that the employees can understand, and if that means they flunk a BB exam but they get superior business results, great!  The superior business results will motivate them further than expert Japanese terminology anyway.  There is a lot of free info out there, research it and choose carefully.  IN the end a good QS has to be defined in corporate terms and owned by everyone.


    Brit for Real

    Mike and Others:
    The normal Brit who posts here (me) didn’t post that last message.  The grammasr was way off, and I surely wouldn’t have suggested the 4-6 month thing.  I hope it was a new Brit and not someone using my name.  Anyway – just wanted to make sure the people who have seen my posts in the past didn’t think I posted that one.



    Thank  You Mike  for the  enlightenment



    Thank  You Stan



    Thank You  Dale  for  the  Enlightenment

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