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    Machanda Biddappa

    Hi, I work for a contact center as a Quality Analyst. I have been assigned a project on CSAT Survey to be conducted from the contact center itself.
    Can someone suggest a few questions that can be asked and the requisites for the project.


    Enzo Di Nunzio

    Dear Machanda,
    Before we can start to formulate questions we suggest being clear about these questions:
    – Who are the customers you (e.g. do you take all or certain segments…)?
    – What do you want to achieve with the CSAT data (e.g. benchmarking)?
    – What will you do with the data afterwards (e.g. management report or improvement project or new products development…)?
    – What methodology is best suited for collecting the necessary information?
    Only than we can start to formulate the questions (un-biased, simple worded questions, yes/no vs. open ended questions…) which are relevant and do not upset customers. In addition, do not forget to build a data collection plan, to interpret the data and to present them in a comprehensive way to your sponsor.
    We find many CSAT studies and VOC interviews do not lead to the desire results as they are not thought through and executed well.
    Please let us know if you have further questions.
    Best regards,
    Di Nunzio



    Try These in your customer survey

    Satisfaction overall Service Received 

    Most satisfying support experience

    Most dissatisfying support experience 

    Total Problem Resolution 

    Number of times contacted Contact Center

    Main reason contacted more than once 

    Length of time to resolve problem 

    Satisfaction with total amount of time to resolve 

    Satisfaction with ability to meet commitments 

    Satisfaction with telephone answering system 

    Satisfaction with time to reach tech 

    Reason dissatisfied with getting through to phone support(open end)

    Satisfaction with technical skills/knowledge 

    Satisfaction with efficiency 

    Satisfaction with ownership 

    Satisfaction with clear communication 

    Satisfaction with courteous, professional 

    Satisfaction with communication clarity 

    Satisfaction with being courteous 

    Reasons dissatisfied with support specialist

    Overall Satisfaction with support specialist 

    Most important thing Contact Center could have done differently
    Satisfaction Levels could be 5 types for.
    Completely Satisfied, Very satisfied, Satisfied, Somewhat Dissatisfied, Completely dissatisfied.


    Mike Carnell

    Nice response. A little planning


    HP tech

    Nice one.Do you own a HP computer?


    dan farrel

    it doesn’t  it make a difference if the person has a hp computer or not.


    HP tech

    Hey Dan,If you don’t have a HP comp yet, get one.You’ll soon get these questions in a neat questionaire.If you do get it, remember me. Give me a good rating.


    Machanda Biddappa

    Thanks to all of them who have responded to my query. I would want more support on how to measure CSAT and conclude.



    Sorry leh…Don;t have.


    Ajay Emmanuel

    Hi Biddappa
    Iam Emmanuel worked as a Quality specialist and here are some of the questions which you can use in the C SAT forum…and you can actually give options to the customer where in he/she can rete the advisor when you can see the 3rd question he can actuall rete the advioser for his skills and and customer being a best judge he will rate the advioser correctly…
    1) Was your querry resolved during this contact ?
    2) Is this the first time you have contacted us in relation to the querry ?
    3) Thinking of your interaction with our advisor please indicate how satisfied you are in terms of


    Knowledge/ Expertise
    Clear Communication
    Positive Attitude

    How likely are you to recommend us? (Where 0 = Definitely Not and 10 = Definitely)  (You can make some checks were the customer can choose from 1 to 10
    5) Finally, we would like you to tell us what we should keep doing and what we should do more of to improve our service offering?    (You can give some space here for the customer to type her feedbach)

    Thanks & Regards

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