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What Is CTQ?

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    Dear All,

    Lately I am researching about Critical to quality. Different articles gives me different understanding. Can anybody brief me , how it should be used in projects and benefit out of it. Thank you.


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    @kkiru – yes, I can. But I don’t do homework for you. Try searching the site. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of information on CTQ’s.

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    @kkiru There is information on CTQ on this site that you can find by searching.

    If there is a particular point you are confused about, be specific about what you don’t understand and why it doesn’t make sense to you.

    The iSixSigma audience is extremely helpful, but they aren’t here to do your homework and are unlikely to want to assist if it isn’t clear that someone is putting in a good-faith effort to understand the materials themselves first.

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    Dear All,

    Thank you for the replies.Let me clarify I asked only for a general clarity and never asked anybody for doing my homework. I wanted a general brief and why do we do it in projects and its benefits.I think my question was straight I am not sure why my posts was misunderstood. I have gone through enough information, but wanted an example. If people choose to help can do so.

    @ Katie Barry I appreciate your reply however please read my posts again clearly I have only asked for a brief of CTQ. So you either choose to post what you think about CTQ or can provide me with links if you want to help.


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    Didn’t want you to do my homework nor asked for it if you can help and clearly understand what my posts was about please go ahead. There is no place for sarcasm in a forum because I am here to learn from experience of others and clarify any questions relating to Six sigma and definitely here for a purpose.

    “Different articles gives me different understanding” Like I already mentioned i have gone through enough material so what a brief in it. Please read posts clearly. Thank you.


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    @kkiru – Since you refuse to do any work on your own, even after being (rather gently) directed to do so, I will provide you an example. CTQ => Critical to Quiche. This is beating the eggs. You cannot create a proper quiche you must whip the eggs prior to blending with the other ingredients. This is the only way to get a light and fluffy quiche. Without proper beating, you end up with a dense quiche that does not provide a pleasurable texture to eat. For me, I prefer a bacon and spinach quiche. Here it is also a CTQ that the bacon is crispy before crumbling and adding to the quiche. Also, the spinach must be rinsed but thoroughly dried before being chopped up. Hope this helps.

    Next time, when told to do your own homework – DO YOUR OWN DAMN HOMEWORK.

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    Nobody is going to summarize information for you that you can find by searching the site.

    As I said previously, if there is a particular point you are confused about, be specific about what you don’t understand and why it doesn’t make sense to you. Ask a clear question and you may get some help/direction in return.

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    Thank you for the MBB,But I think i have done my homework, after doing so I couldn’t get a clarity. So when u really finding it difficult to read what others have written you might as well choose not to reply the damn question. I was looking for help to learn from this site but only tells me that brains here are filled with attitude. However I really thank for the damn answer.

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    @KatieBarry – time for your alter ego “The Smiling Assassin” to rid us of this scourge me thinks!

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    @andy-parr – normally these people either get the hint and start thinking for themselves, or they just go away. This one is quite persistent in their uselessness. Over here we’ve got the young generation who are helpless which we call “snowflakes.” They are so fragile that any little jolt fractures their ego, and a little heat makes them melt.

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    @MBBinWI I must be wired differently to these people. When I joined this Community half a dozen or so years ago I watched first before I posted anything. Mind you, when I discovered Lean Six Sigma I was so enthusiastic I never thought about getting anyone else to do my homework. That was a major change from High School though.

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    I will bite…CTQ in project work is simply taking VOC (Voice of Customer) and making it into a measurable outcome. One precise definition is below.

    CTQ = The specific, precise, and measurable expectation which a customer has regarding a service.

    The next question back to you is what are you unclear on?

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    Dear John,

    Thank you. I am doing a Productivity project, so when I draft critical to quality , when it is for productivity ,it is perhaps not Critical to quality, should it be critical to process. Because i was usually in a belief that CTQ is broken down to the KPi’s we measure for the process and productivity cannot be a KPI. This part got me confused. Kindly clarify.


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    CTQ’s = Your customer’s measurable expectation – I.E 2 day delivery, Answer phone on 1st ring.

    KPi – A measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their own success at reaching business targets.

    In simplest terms a CTQ is your customer expectation where a KPI is a business expectation. They may be the same, usually they are different thus causing poor, or misunderstood customer experience.

    This is the point I would suggest you look for some case studies on this site, or on the web to help you understand how these are applied in the business world. There are lots of good success stories, as well as failures when failing to measure to one or both of these types of measures within processes.

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    Dear John ,

    Thank you so much. I will start looking our for these both, I am getting some clarity on the topic now and will further read some case studies to enhance my understanding.


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    @kkiru – there are 1,150 citations found in a search on “CTQ.” Had you read even just the first 10 of these, most of your questions would have been answered (i.e.; did your own homework). Then, you could have asked a salient and meaningful question related to an issue you still didn’t understand. That would have garnered a positive response instead of those you have received.

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    I don’t understand John’s point. CTQ is the X’s necessary to create a quality product or service.

    However, it should be demonstrated with data why an X is deemed critical to a process to perform well.

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    I characterize CTQ’s this way. CTQ = the measurable output of a process, Y in mathematical terms.

    I agree with you that then the X’s are the inputs in your process to create the Y and you must identify and validate them. To influence your Y you have to understand the X’s and their relationship to the output.

    Y = F(X) in the six sigma world.

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    @diboy89@msn.com – that’s one way. Doesn’t make it right (or wrong).

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    @MBBinWI Why attack the dude? Hes just trying to ask a question and get peer 2 peer feedback.

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    @Matt.mueller – no, that individual was looking for someone else to do their work for them. When presented with the suggestion of doing a simple search of the site and research the question, they obviously hadn’t done so, as there is plenty of information on the site that would answer most all their questions. Someone unable to do this minimum amount of self-education doesn’t deserve more than simple ridicule. Since you are new here I’ll clue you in to something. Examine the reputation rating of those who have posted. You will find that there are some of us here who have been here for quite awhile. And many of us have provided extensive help to those who have done their own homework and still have specific questions. But come here and throw out a question looking for someone else to do the work for you and you’re likely to get a flame response.

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)

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