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    Anyone can give some tips on how to put value $$$ on increased Customer Satisfaction in any Sigma Project.



    I have worked many projects in the past that have had “improved customer satisfaction” as a result/benefit.  The valuation can be a difficult item to measure, prove and communicate to management.  Most managers and executives have seen that benefit attached to a variety of projects, with a variety of results and few have translated to the bottom line from their prospective.
    I approach the customer sat measures from two directions.  First, what happens when we don’t satisfy the customer?  This data can be readily attainable; attrition, complaints, returns, repairs, etc.  Baselining this data will tell you where you are today and allow you to set goals for your projects.  Each of these actions have easily recognizable costs to your organization.  I work in a Services environment so customer sat is equivalent to manufacturer’s spec’s for us and we consistently monitor this type of data.
    Second, I work on the measures that are impacted from when we do satisfy the customer.  These can be focused on selling new customers or segments of the marketplace, upselling existing customers on new/additional services and expanding the life expectancy of the customer base.  Much of the data used in the first can help with the valuation of the second group.
    Hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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