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    We are in the process of creating a performance dashboard for our company (transactional in nature).
    Our basic understanding of a performance dashboard is:
    State the metric we are measuring
    Target measurement per facility
    Actual measurement per facility
    What is baseline performance and how do we account for it on our dashboard?
    Is there anything else we should put on our dashboard?
    I would appreciate any help.



    I don’t know what is the profile of your company however, in my opinion, calculating the actual production is half the information. You should also include the productivity per producing entity in your dashboard as that would help you understand if your processes are meeting your target installed capacity.


    S Cubed

    % Up/DownTime
    % to Budget (Over/Under)
    Machines (ie boxes per minute)
    Product Running, and # of cases? left to run on a sku



    Generally a good idea in scoreboarding is to capture corporate Ys (aka Top tier goals and objective categories) in all four general areas of performance:

    Growth and Innovation
    The metric type will be specific to your business, industry, and its strategic efforts.
    Now you drill down accordingly to flesh out the specifics: Fin to Cust to Process to Resources required.
    Good luck


    Praveen Gupta

    I have discovered that the four perspectives of balanced scorecard are not enough. Thus my revised list of scorecard are the following:
    Leadership and Profitability
    Management and Improvement
    Employees and Innovation
    Purchasing Suppliers Management
    Operations Execution
    Sales and Distribution
    Service and Growth
    These severl elements formed the architecture of Six Sigma Business Scorecard.



    Whatever fits your organizational requirements….the only point being to fully represent your organizational needs with your metric selection.


    M. Salim MSA

    one trap that most people run into is trying to create something to make the management look good (or being forced to do so) …. example:
    ” our services are 99% on time ….. it might sound good to hear and something your boss wants to be displayed before the next vsist by the executives …. but is 99% really good enough in this case …. what about the 1% you missed …. how serious was the impact … what does that mean to your business ….. what about the cost or lost customers assoiciated with that 1%  …. etc..etc”
    while deciding on metrics for your business don’t forget to include the ones that provide an opportunity for your business to improve …… and that is only possible if are concerned about Voice of the Business and not Voice of your Boss !


    Jim Ace

    Praveen Gupta offers some very important attributes that should be carefully assessed.  It is also evident that these attributes would be important for just about any organization.  This makes Praveen’s post an excellent contribution.  I am confident that Praveen would also agree that knowing WHAT to measure is one thing, while knowing HOW to measure it can prove time consuming, if not completely illusive. 
    Praveen justifiably points out that Leadership is an important attribute.  Few would question this wisdom.  But how leadership can or should be quantified will assuredly prove to be a challenging task.  The same can be said for some of the other attributes pointed out in Praveen’s thoughtful post.



    Policy Deployment is another tool which can be used to derive measures not only for the organisation wide objective but also functional objectives .
    Broadly speaking Policy Deployment is about
    1) defining the Policy of the company , identifying the key components of the policy ,
    2) Defining the objectives aligned with the key components in the policy , assign measures to the objective and
    3) derive functional objectives which are aligned with the company wide objective .Define metrics , method of  measuring the metric, responsibility , and review period .
    More details can be obtained from the internet .
    The challenge lies not in the definition but explaining the policy to the middle and lower management people and ensuring that thye understand the concept.
    Best of Luck
    Best of luck

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