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    Mike Archer

    I am working a GB project to improve our ability to report inspection results into a database (such data is not currently being collected).  The critical Xs that my team have identified are geared mostly towards the quality of communication between Inspectors and Shop operators.  Most people believe that wait time on inspection and poor feedback of inspection status cause us a lot of pain (as do I).  While collecting that data, I have found that 65% of the time, Inspection responds with 5 minutes of the inspection need occuring and that 95% of the time the operators recieve good feedback.  Out of the 35% inspection need responses that took more than 5 minutes, I found that the longer response did not have an adverse effect on line flow or anything else (Inspectors familiar with their area are able to effectively prioritize inspection needs).  I interviewed each person who participated in this study, and most believe that a result that is favorable towards our communication process is an exception.  That would mean that all of my data (participants were selected randomly by computer) is the exception.
    All that to say this:  Could there be a wide misconception that there is a communication breakdown (maybe caused by human nature to blame something other than ourselves)?  Or maybe a flaw in my data collection plan?  Please advise.

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