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    Sorry somehow my message got posted in mid sentence…my question is, would you say “Data is used to….” or “Data are used to….” Webster says both are correct. But I’m trying to produce an internal publication and having some questions as to which way it is most often used within the Six Sigma “world”.
    Thanks, Jamie
    Ps multiple opinions would be great.


    This is from the dictionary (any eventual misspelling or misstyping is mine!)
    This IS a data based post!!! :-)
    Hope this helps.


    “Data are used to….”  is the correct way. Data is plural. Datum is one single data-point. Likewise, it is “The data show…..” not “The data shows”.
    Anyway, hope that helps


    Dear Jamie,
    My money is on “Data is used…..”.
    This is because while data is a plural – it is a collective – it doesn’t use an ‘s’.
    For example do we ever say “The Fleet (of ships) are used for….??
    The “is” seems to sound better.
    My two bits.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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