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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently writing my thesis in the Advertising Operations department of a company that provides digital solutions to advertisers and publishers.

    The main research question of my thesis is how the Advertising Operations department can achieve and sustain high levels of process excellence thanks to Six Sigma.

    As part of my thesis, I am also supposed to create a debate related to this topic. Therefore, I have come up with the following debate question:

    Which tools/methods would be most beneficial to the Advertising Operations department in order for it to increase its overall performance? Why?

    Basically, I would like to hear your views and opinions on which are the most beneficial and used tools/methods of Six Sigma in the business world, outside the manufacturing field. I know that Six Sigma processes and tools were firstly implemented in the manufacturing world but now they can be relevant to almost any business (I am still a Six Sigma beginner).

    I am going to list some of the main objectives of the Advertising Operations so that you get the idea:

    – Precisely measuring customers’ view of value.
    – Finding out whether it fulfills customers’ requirements or there are gaps in the performance.
    – Direct revenue generation.

    Thank you for reading this and sharing your opinion in advance! :)



    Katie Barry

    @mbelevski Did you search on this topic? We have a section of content on using Lean Six Sigma in Marketing and Sales:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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