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    Bob CLine

    I am attempting to develop a dpmo measure for a paint process.  Numerous parts/assemblies flow through the paint process, ranging in size and complexity from a single simple part to a complex trailer assembly.  Areas of the assemblies may be masked off to prevent paint contact.  The definition currently considered is that you have one opportunity for each process; but the meaning of “process” is not defined.  If the paint application, manually applied, is a process then logic would indicate one opportunity per part. (not practical).  Have considered using the concept of the number of surfaces painted as an opportunity with the defect definition as pass/fail rather that the classical paint defects, run, orangepeel, etc.  Has anyone else encountered this situation? If so would appreciate hearing of your solution or suggestions.



    You can first verify the quality control records who will pass it or fail it and the reasons for failures. Then classify those reasons and they will give you annidea about the opprtunity. For example: opportunities could be like scratches, peel off, chipping of paint at some places, fading of the paint, paint becoming brittle etc. Each type of defect is  an opportunity. Like this the past data should give you the clue about the defects and opprtunities.


    Raj Subramani

    There is a major problem with past data in such cases. If you go thro’ your past data and the form for recording such defectives, and the practice of the Inspectors, you would find in most cases that the part is kept aside for rework once the first defect is noticed in a part. Subsequent checks on the part for further defects are neither inspected nor recorded. Hence past data under such circumstances cannot provide you with adequately accurate insight.
    I would suggest the following:
    1.  For each part that goes thro’ the painting process, consider that as one opportunity. If as you said, the inspection and recording of each part is done for EACH side, then you have TWO opportunities for each part.
    2.  Do not rely on past data if the past data is recorded as mentioned above.
    Hope this helps.



    Please tell me what is the background that you will set up a metric for paint failures. Are there problems with your paint process?
    What kind of process do you use?
    with regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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