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    I have completed Black Belt training with GE and passed the GE test.  GE had internal company definitions and requirements to call yourself a “Black Belt” within the company.  I did not serve the “1.5 years” in a Black Belt “position” to get “GE” Black Belt “Certification”, however, I did perform Black Belt level work.
    I was wondering if someone could provide a broader industry accepted standard set of experience and/or credentials which allow someone to hold the title of Black Belt.
    I have had many people ask me if I am a Black Belt and I am not sure what to tell them.
    Thank you.


    Tony Bo

    The usual expectation is…pass a test, at least two projects (usually worth 250k or above), and a brief out to a quality committe of some sort.  You usually would be awarded a certificate as well saying you passed all the requirements.  Lastly, you need to be good looking and be able to run two miles under 8 minutes. 



    I am currently in the role of a BB with Genpact (Erstwhile known as GECIS). The critieria is to complete atleast 2 BB projects with a min. impact of $250K and ofcourse clear the test and panel assesment.
    And yeah need to do a lot of dashboard reporting….pitch making, VOC, NPS,  and wht nt……



    I am a certified BB in an american MNC and we have been running Six Sigma in the organisation for the last 8+ years. When someone says he or she is a Black Belt it implies the following:
    1.the person would have completed 2 BB projects – which are projects having medium to high level of complictions;
    2.The project would have generated $250K benefit in each project – although this may not be a mandatory requirement – as many service functions may not have any dollar impact and but just process improvements;
    3.The person must have applied Six Sigma tools in the project;
    4. Would have been on the BB role for at least 2 years
    5.Formally certified by the employing organisation or any other body.
    Hope this helps



    I believe  in  the  gradual learning & training procedure.Starting  from  GB  Level,through  the  Lean-SS to  the  BB Training,and  finally to  pass  the  Test.Some people are  jumping  directly  to  the  Exam.and pass  the  test and  they  call  themselves BBs?What  is  the difference  between CBB and  the  TBB?Some Universities  are  offering  the  training  through  16  weeks,some  through  2  weeks or  one  week??
    A  great  confusion?Thanks  for  the  enlightenment?

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