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    Is common to measure both defects and defective units as part of a six sigma project? eg products defective and the individual defects.



    Its not necessary to measure both of them, based on your problem you need to decide whether you want to improve the number of defects or number of defectives, thereafter you can decide what you would like to measure.



    I’m currently working on a project where we are dealing with a specific defect within a product.  There are multiple defects possible in this product but we were assigned to work on a specific defect in the product.  There is another current project looking at another of the defects in the product.
    It would just be too hard to work a project to look at all of the defects at once.  We will track to see if corrective actions to one defect affect the other elements of the product.



    Using defective unit counts to drive further investigation into indivual defect codes and associated costs and then paretoing these out for project assignment is common practice.
    Initiating a containment strategy to minimize defective product reaching the customer while you work your improvement efforts would have merit.
    Creating a prioritization system to drive your TQ efforts would be advisable.  Drill down from prduct family, to process, to work cell, to cell characteristic.  For example, determine which product family is most critical to one or more important Corporate G/O, and then using an OEE concept to determine which process or process step to focus on, and then determine which of the OEE elements should be addressed first-

    Defect reduction

    Machine uptime improvement

    Improved rate of performance

    VSM Event
    For example, working to reduce defects when machine uptime is at 35% or improving machine uptime when you have rework rates of over 60% might not be the preferred assignment of scare quality resources.  From this framework you can assign resources in the most effective manner. 
    Just a thought.  Good luck.

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