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    The division where I work – has been self contained.  Senior leadership was located close to the manufacturing facility.  Our deployment has been extremely successful. I contribute our success to the committment of our senior leadership team, their visibility to the employees, and the rigor we used for managing teams and reporting out of  team results.  Other divisions have had various degrees of success. There was a recent reorganization – and multiple divisions (in 4 different states) have been combined into one.  We are currently trying to build one single deployment.  We know Senior leadership will not be located at any of the sites.  We are tyring to determine governance strategies, report outs, joint training, etc.
    I would be very interested in hearing from others on the challenges of a deployment that involves multiple sites across multiple states and what has worked (or not worked) in addressing those challenges. 



    It sounds as if your challenge was a bit more complicated then what I experience at two different facilities.  The single biggest challenge there, however, was keeping the improvement initiatives well communicated between the two.  Even with weekly emails, monthly meetings, and a place to post all the things that were being done, we still found one plant doing the same thing the other plant already did the year before!  The two plants are very similar.  So much time was wasted in some cases.  Part of this was a cultural thing, sheesh what a pain that can be.
    It sounds like you have a better grasp of the situation.  At that time we lacked a multi-plant Director/General/King (whatever) to ensure that things like this did not happen – inspite of the communication channels established.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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