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    Nivas Prashanth Venkatesan

    The tools associated with the IDOV methodology which is used to design of six sigma (DFSS)


    Andrew Christoper

    The tools used in the IDOV methodology in order to design a perfect Six Sigma are divided in to four, each tools comes under each division the four divisions of IDOV are Identify, design, optimize and verify. Listed below are the tools

    โ€ข Identify โ€“ Risk management, voice of customer tools, project charter, market research and benchmarking etc.,

    โ€ข Design – FMEA, QFD, TRIZ, AHP.,

    โ€ข Optimize โ€“ Hypothesis test, design structure matrix etc.,

    โ€ข Verify โ€“ Performance flow-up, capability analysis, process mapping and process of FMEA etc.,


    Katie Barry

    It appears as though you did not search our site before asking your question. We have a whole section of content on Design for Six Sigma.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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