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    I just finished my recent blackbelt training, 4 weeks +1 for minitab.My first project has been completed and have been certified and recently launched my second project.
    My question is this for anybody that has DFSS(design for six sigma) training…Is it too soon for me to get involved in the DFSS training?Meaning can it have a negative or positive impact on all the material Ive learned so far.Ill admit the blackbelt training is alot of stuff to learn and I want to make sure I dont stray from what I was actually taught.My company has no problem whatsoever in sending me, their only concern is that Im trying to learn too much too fast.



    I recommend you do it.  Right now your brain is engaged and you will always have the material to refresh yourself.  While you study DFSS, think of ways that it applies to DMAIC and how you can implement it.



    Dear Rwatters,
    Since your organisation will be sending you / sponsoring you for training, presumably they will be expecting some output from you.
    It all depends on what your job function is. If you are in a primarily operational role (Sales / manufacturing / Finance etc.), DMAIC should be good enough.
    But if you are in any way connected to the design (R & D) or development side or are in an organisation which is very ‘evolved’ as far as the SS roadmap goes, and has achieved a high Sigma level in most of its core processes, then DFSS is the way to go.
    It is recommended (including in my organisation) to do DFSS after completing your DMAIC BB – though strictly speaking this is not a pre-requisite.
    Hope this helps.


    Heebeegeebee BB

    I’d jump on the DFSS training asap.  Don’t worry about potential conflicts/confusions.   You’ll find that DFSS/DMADV training will compliment the skill sets you’ve gained.   In fact many organizations include DFSS as a learning track of BB training.   Also of interest might be a course in DFMA.
    Congratrs on the cert!



    I have just finished Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and three activities (1 BB project, 1 VSM, and 1 Kaizen Event) in order to get BB certified. I am now planning on taking DFSS and looking around for best institute. I would suggest you to jump right into it since you already have Six Sigma basis. Good Luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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