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    Nitesh Sondhi

    Below are my three questions please help me .
    What is the main differences between CMM and Six Sigma ?
    If anybody can help me .The differences that has more impact or say main diff. only .
    Which one is better and Why?
    When to use which one?



    I think you mean CMMI right?  The difference is CMMI gives levels to achieve and the Six Sigma DMAIC process gives you the tools to get there.



    CMM is Capability Maturity Model. There are 5 levels in CMM. Basically CMM is a certification like ISO, but CMM is more focused towards IT, where as ISO is very generic and applicale to all industries. Unlike Six Sigma, There is certification available and registrar bodies are there for CMM. CMM will gives you process framework, measures & metrics, then continuous improvement, where as six sigma only focusing on process improvement. there is various audits in CMM, certification audit, surveilance audit etc, in Six sigma, no audit…
    Which one is better? it depends.. how you are using. but its always better to implement integrating CMM with Six Sigma. in CMM level 5 is Optmizing, so there six sigma starts.
    when to use? first go for CMM, once process are stabilized, measurement system developed, then start six sigma to optimize process.



    There is no certification for CMM and there are no registrars. The official term SEI uses is called “Assessment”. That’s what SEI is authorizing independent bodies who go through a certain course called “Lead Assessors course” to conduct. They cannot certify.
    Another thing – CMM is limited in its application to software development. It does not cover areas such as IT infrastructure, Project Management and other IT governance functions.
    Yet another perspective – SEI CMM (CMMI or PCMM or any other derivative of the basic maturity model) is a best practice model. Much like other models such at ITIL, CoBIT and PMBOK, they tell you WHAT to do. Six Sigma can help you determine the HOW. For instance, CMM will tell you that a level 4 KPA is quantitative project management and what are the requirements for that level, but it will not tell you how to build an organization that does QPM.
    Hope this helps.



    Thanx a lot Sumant and all
    Thats great answers I liked that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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