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    arturo a.

    hi to all,
    how is the real diference among Green belt and Blackbelt



    I do not know if there is a formal education for anyone of them, from what I understand it is more of a universal understanding for what is what. Here are my beliefs anyway.
    Typical duration
    GreenBelt: 6 days
    BlackBelt: 20 days
    Main difference I think is leadership, As a Blackbelt you probably have more education (included in the belt training) for project management (often referred as soft sigma).
    For the statistical tools I think they are in basic the same, just that BB gets a deeper understanding due to more training.
    Saying this a Green Belt may very well have more knowledge and capacity then a BalckBelt if they have good education in leadership and statistics, just that the actual GB diploma doesn’t state that.



    The difference between the GB and BB should be:

    GB are part-time resources (typically up to 30% capacity allocated to Lean Six Sigma) while BB are full-time resources
    GB work on improvement projects which are tend to be more functionally scoped, while BB work on cross-functional improvement projects


    Robert S

    For the most part the difference has to do with the level of knowledge for Experiments.



    Its the kung fu grip


    Zak Roy Yoballa

    In our company, the first two responses are correct.  I’m a BB and am fully dedicated for the running of our projects.  I work with other plants, R&D and Marketing.  I have a few more tools than our GBs but my understanding is a little deeper because I use them more often.  Our GBs and YBs only work on a couple of projects a year and about 20% of their time when on a project. 
    As a BB I’m expected to be a resource for them as well as run my own projects.


    BB in Sweden

    At our company, the main difference between GB and BB is that BB:
    – is dedicated 100% to continuous improvement, GB less than 10%
    – receives 1 week more detailed training in Minitab
    – receives 1 week more detailed training in DOE
    – supports GB in their projects
    – reports Six Sigma program status to management board

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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