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Topic Difference between spec limits and control limits

Difference between spec limits and control limits

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    Based on what do we get the spec limits like the way we get control limits based on past performance?What happens if the spec limits fall between the control limits


    The spec limits are set by the customer and they do not change unless the customer changes them.  If you’re getting the specification limits any other way, you’re doing it wrong.  Control limits are calculated from the data points (past performance).  If either spec limit falls between the control limits, the process is out of spec even though it may be statistically under control.  Look up how to create and use control charts and the difference between specification limits and control limits should become apparent.


    To add to Don’s response, spec limits are not normally used on control charts.  They are used to determine your process capability and sigma value.  For example, if as you say, your spec limits are tighter than your control limits and your process is in control and producing consistent results, you may be producing defect-free products (within the spec limits).  On the other hand, you may be in control (within the control limits) but producing defects nonetheless if you are falling outside the spec limits. Hope this helps.


    So, if both the spec limits are in between the control limits, then the process is stable and capable.If the observations lie between the control limits but not between the spec limits then the process is stable but not capable.Is this correct!!


    Your second statement is correct.  You want the control limits to be within the spec limits.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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