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    Can anyone can send me / mail me the difference between the TQE & SIX SIGMA.
    with rgds,
    M. Murali/ABB Ltd.


    Mike Carnell

    As you can see from the resounding response nobody really cares about this anymore. The are a lot of strings (on this forum) about this and if you do a search you can figure it out for yourself.
    The thing you need to think about is even if there is no difference (and there is) why are you making an issue out of it? You are selling hurricane lamps to people with electricity and you have lost track of what the customer is asking for. I listened to a guy point out all his TQM scalps he had hanging outside his tent in a conference a couple weeks ago. it was a wonderful track record but at the end of the day – nobody cared because companies are interested in something else (why else would this successful “independent consultant” be at a Six Sigma conference). He was obviously looking for his opportunity to make this stand but in the end it was irrelevant.
    Good question when a person is jet lagged and a little surly.
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck



    I take it you made it to SA in one piece….. even if you are some “worse for the wear” over it.  Have a good time and don’t get eaten by any lions or water buffalo while you’re there….


    Mike Carnell

    We made it. I wasn’t as as worn as Ulices. Only South African Air and Delta will sell you a ticket on the longest flight available today (or so I am told) and stick him in a seat with absolutely no power so he got to sit in that extremely comfortable takeoff position for around 20 hours. Actually everyone in the row did.
    Haven’t seen a cat yet. There is a six inch spider by the pool though.
    Thanks for the thought.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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