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    We design connectors with mixed tolerances. For the centerline spacing, we use a +/-.10 mm tolerance. For other features like the body and lock arms, we use tolerances of +/- .15 and .30 mm. In performing a process capabilty study, must the study focus on the tightest tolearnce which would be the centerline spacing? Would there be any benefit inperforming the process capablity study on the overall size of the part which would be toleranced at +/- .30mm? Your thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Bart



    Bart,Like usual, the answer depends. Knowing nothing else, I’d look at the dimension that has the strongest influence on the part functionality. In other words, if that dimension wasn’t “right”, the part wouldn’t function. If all dimensions influenced functionality equally, then I might pick the one with the tightest tolerances. The problem of course, is that the tolerances may not have been “designed in” and be set to guarantee function.
    Perhaps the other question is why are you doing Process Capability ? Do you have assembly problems ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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