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    I am a student in the UK, I am thinking of doing my dissertation around ‘Six Sigma & Motorola’ but I am very confused in what exactly to base my dissertation on. Is there anyone that has done a dissertation in this field or could give me some ideas and as you are the experts in this field.
    All comments are apprechiated in advance, feel free to e-mail me, which is provided below!
    Personal e-mail:


    Hi Edward,
    If you’re going to write a paper on SS – then you’re targeting “world hunger” – don’t do it.   If you want to add value with your paper pick a topic like:
    – Life after SS – what do you do with the certified folks post their SS experience
    – Failure modes in SS deployment
    – Top down Vs Bottom up deployment – which is best in what situation
    – What’s important – Hard Skills (Tools) or Soft Skills (People Stuff)
    Got your thoughts churning ????


    Hi Edward,
    To add to Adam’s suggestions:
    It also depends on the level of study you are aiming for, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral or other? This will influence the breadth and depth of your project.
    Have you been assigned an academic supervisor? They should be able to help
    I have completed a Masters Thesis which incorporated the use of Six-Sigma. The title was “Maintenance Effects on Process Capability: Improving OEE using a Lean Six-Sigma Approach”.
    Good luck and post any questions you may have.


    Hi Edward-
    sound advice from Adam & Paul.
    Since you’re in the “scrounging around for ideas” phase, look through this site, especially the forum, for ideas that strike your fancy. Look at what some of the practitioners are struggling with. I wouldn’t insist on Motorola if I were you, but you can certainly use it as a spring board to start your searching. Once you have some ideas, refine them, focus them, and refine them again. This is the most important single facet of your work ahead and will save you untold grief if done properly (which is the purpose of an advisor). The traditional PhD dissertation is a simple, focused task (albeit time consuming) to see if you can conduct scientific or historical research and interpret & write the results in a logical and coherent way … it shouldn’t be a major project to address a complex issue like world hunger or visionary leadership. Simple, structured, solid. Done. Hello Dr. Edward :)Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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