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    Hi All, Our Deployment Champion has communicated to us the
    following changes: Please let me know if these changes are
    standardized or supported by the DMAIC methodology. Many
    thanks. True or false answers will sufice.1) A DMAIC project will be closed or completed as soon as the
    Black Belt or Green Belt presents the implementation plan
    from the Improve phase.2) There is no need to document process maps in Visio or
    iGrafx. It’s good enough to leave the process maps in paper or
    sticky notes in the wall next to our workstations.Any help will be appreciated.


    Gary A. Gack

    I would say false on both counts. (1) DMAIC projects are complete only when “C” is finished – fundamental to Six Sigma is making improvements stick – that’s the purpose of C – to stop at I is to regress to the bad old days of TQM and management by fiat. (2) Undocumented process maps make effective tollgate reviews impossible, and also prevent any effective reuse or replication of the project results to similar situations.
    Your “Champion” is in serious need of remedial training! Fell free to pass this message along to him/her if you think it useful.
    best regards,


    John J. McDonough

    Gee Gary … a rare opportunity to disagree with you.
    I do agree that without C you can’t have DMAIC .. that one is a no brainer.
    But I don’t think that the particular tool used to capture the process map really is that basic to the process.  If paper works, then fine.  Nowhere in the methodology does it say that anything HAS to be captured electronically.
    Now, while I don’t think that a paper only process map invalidates the DMAIC process, I do think it’s a really stupid idea, for the very reasons you outlined.


    Mike Carnell

    John & Gary,
    I don’t usually come on this site but I was showing a guy the IT stuff and Carols post definately got us interested. It seems to have changed a lot.
    You may find out if you talk to the Champion that it is a communication issue. You can’t have a complete implementation plan with out the tools from the Control phase. He may believe by definition that the implementation plan begins when tou understand what it takes to control it.
    I completely agree with John on the process map. I don’t care how they have it written down just as long as they do it and the team can use it. I probably have more of an issue with the electronic process map that is sitting in a computer that people can’t take back to their work area and write on it or whatever they need to do to get some value out of it.
    Finding a process map that is only on a computer is like finding a spotless SPC chart in one of those SPC prophylactics. They look nice but don’t add much value.
    Good luck.


    Vikas M. Valsang

    Without Control Phase, I don’t believe that the project can be closed. It is required, that the project is measured and checked if the improvement phase has brought in the required changes and is effective.
    With regard to documenting, it is contextual, if the project was run for one of a case, it may not be so important. Here the assumption is that a similar project will never be done again, similar activity will never be carried out by others. But this is a little difficult for me to believe.
    Hence, I would suggest that the improved processes are documented and made available, so that it becomes easy for replication in future or to roll up in to standard operating procedure if the activities become routine in nature



    1. False, its a continuos process
    2. False, should be documented , but could be done using regular word



    Thank you all for your answers. I’ll definitely share your answers with the other Black Belts & eventually with our Deployment Champion. We don’t know him well, so it’s hard to provide him with feedback.
    Thank You :)



    We have to document process maps in Visio or iGrafx.



    DMAIC is completed only when “control” phase is completed, and process mapping should be complete to get a effective toll gate review.

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