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    If you run a web-site and would like to prevent web-bots from using your site for spamming or other nefarious purposes, then I encourage you to look into this –
    What this does is post a distorted image of 2 words that the user has to “decipher” and type into a confirmation box.  Since bots have a hard time (so far) doing this, it helps to ensure that a human has been involved.
    The neat thing about the reCAPTCHA system is that it uses words from scanned books and articles that are in the process of being digitized.  These are the images of words that the OCR system was unable to read.  When you type those words into the system, you help to correct the words in the digitized book/article.  The reason for 2 words is that one has already been “confirmed” statistically by numerous submissions, and the second is having us enter our deciphering of the image so that enough samples can be gathered to then “confirm” it.
    And, yes, I’ve already sent this to the iSixSigma tech heads.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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