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    Good day, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a document control application that links all documents from Drawing – FMEA – Control Plan – Standard Work – TPM and LPA ?

    Making updates to our documentation leaves too many opportunity for mistakes and I’d love to be able to change one document and have all the specified links automatically update.

    I would have thought it an easy thing to find but I’ve checked with multiple application providers and it doesn’t seem to exist.

    Any information on availability will be most appreciated.

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    @bjwwheat I think you are right, it doesn’t exist but if you or anyone else finds such a product I would love to know about it too.

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    I agree with Andy-Parr. My first encounter with a tool that claimed to do this was back in the 90’s, from a major consulting house. It actually worked, but only if you strictly followed their prescribed methodology. And even then, it had to be configured. This required an expert. They were, of course, happy to sell you an expert’s services and/or more training. By then we realized that it would have to be reconfigured for each project since no two are identical. So we abandoned it. There are more generalized tools that can do what you ask but they all have the same shortcoming. They have to be configured, with great effort, and you end up having to reconfigure for each project. It’s rarely worth the expense and effort. Maybe someday AI will be able to do this. When it does, we won’t be needed.

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    Ahmed Lawal
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    Yes, not sure it does exist, but one can work around some application to get a close result to your expectation, give Livelink a shot.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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