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    I’m currently considering a DOE for patient satisfaction based on factors like unit champion (y/n), focus (general, top3), etc.  My facility measures patient sat via a survey that has a decent response rate, but a slow turnaround time (several weeks).
    Does DOE seem reasonable (and worthwhile) when the Y variable is lagging with such a gap between opportunity and response?  I suspect each trial would need to last one month to be associated well enough with the response, which would make the experiment pretty long.
    Looking forward to opinions from anyone with experience in this area.



    I think you are getting DOE and the subsequent analysis confused.  If you are taking happenstance data in ordinal form (ie likert satisfaction scales) and then running it against various factor settings to determine the magnitude and direction of relationships of various factors on customer satisfaction, then I believe a better description of what you are doing is it running either ordinal logistic or linear regression.
    So I think the better question to ask is can you regress historical customer satisfaction data against various predictors?  sure…try it and see if it gives you anything interesting FOR FURTHER STUDY.  The key point here is that you can use what you find to indicated potential relationships between factors, but you can’t say one thing causes another….correlation, sure….influence or causation, nope….not unless you control the experimental run the DOE.


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    Like newbie, I am struggling with the idea of DOE for Patient Satisfaction.  I agree with newbie’s comments on looking for correlation etc and using analysis for further exploration. 
    Why not DOE?  (The following with tongue in cheek…) For DOE, you have to set up known conditions based on your design and these typically cover the response range. So,  how do you set up conditions to guarantee terrible patient satisfaction?  You may want to talk to the hospital legal dept. to limit liability before trying this!  Hope this helps – 



    This was not my industry, but I will say it is certainly possible to conduct DOE’s where the final assessment of the results takes weeks, or months to get.   In the electronics industry, the impact to the final device yields may take months to see after the design takes place.
    In your case, I am more concerned as to whether you will have the discrimination on the Survey data to see the impacts.  If current patient satisfaction is 90%, and success would be measured as 96%, it is going to take a large numbers of patients to find that difference.
    Also, you need to make sure the factors are controllable so that the DOE settings are solid, and make sense when the analysis is done.   There is no reason DOE’s can’t be done, though, if they are well thought out in advance of the data collection.

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