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    Hi,I am only a newly qualified Black belt so could use some help with a new project.We have a gravure printing press wich has up to 9 ink units running at any one time.  The project is to establish optimum dispro settings for these units.Dispro – is the difference in size (width) that the print cylinders are made to compensate for paper shrinkage as it travels along the press.  The dispro is set differently for each unit (unit 1 at around 0.35) down to unit 9(about 0.01).My problem is that heat and tension are also potential (controlable)factors as well as the 9 dispro settings.  All combine to produce  an often out of spec printed width.  When it is out we start to produce cylinders with different dispros to compensate on whichever colur seems to be out of register.Any suggestion on a DOE for all of these factors would be appreciated.Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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