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    Hi I ran a pareto chart analysis that showed the most important factors over a date range for each die …This was a die performance review in the plastics extrusion process… What the problem was the hopper clogging material,barrel/extruder problem and other problems… The Pareto chart analysis gave an insight of increase in setup time hangup time as well as increase in scrap time …These were the critical factors that needed to be focussed on…At the next stage I am confused what to do, how to proceed further….Should I run a cause and effect analysis diagram or conduct a DOE study to work on determining the factors that are causing the problems…like running a pre test experiment or a rough one and find out……  PLEASE ADVISE……..ThanksRam



    once you the focus area through Pareto analysis, the next step is to do root -cause analysis, and corrective action to be taken to fix the problem. Then again the same process has to be measured through Pareto analysis to see whether the problem is really fixed or not.
    DOE will be done if there are more than one or two factors which is the cause for the problem and you want to find which factor is really causing the problem and see the interactions between the factors to confirm.



    Follow the steps in your DMAIC cycle and it should take you through to your Y = f(x).  It doesnt sound as if you have a strong grasp of this yet.  Fully develop your transform function (Pmap to C&E Matrix to FMEA for example) and then determine your data collection plan by stating what questions you need answers to, and then choose the appropriate analytics.  Your data type and assumptions will dictate what tools to use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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