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    Does anybody has the case about six sigma project on BOM system control.  As a dependent facility, frequent BOM changing from engineering department jeopardize our mfg and sourcing plan.  Both of this engineering and our facility belong to a huge gruop. Does anybody has this case which can give me reference? thanks



    I am looking for the examples of this kind too, the mass quantity of ECOs makes the bom really a mess.



    I do not have a case study but would like to offer some insight into how you may approach this issue.
    Usually At the root of the frequent change to BOM are frequently changing customer requirements. Engg. is often forced to deal with changing requirements. Marketing is often forced to provide demand estimates which in turn drive the production capacity planning and sourcing planning. Subsequent changes to actual demand, customer requirements, engineering specifications, etc. are bound to impact the production scheduling and sourcing.
    Given the large number of touch points, possibility of multiple product groups, often centralized sourcing, a project like this would be extremely large and complex. Therefore, it needs to be broken down into multiple projects that help achieve the below objectives:
    – Improved demand forecasting
    – Improved change management of customer requirements
    – Increased tolerance of engineering design to changes in specs.
    – Agile scheduling
    – Improved sourcing
    Depending on your industry and your facility the above objectives would translate into different project goals but you probably get the idea.
    Hope this helps

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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