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    Six sigma consultants know nothing about your business so you spend a fortune in hourly or contract fees teaching them your business.    They might improve one problem and then they are gone.  You have no experts left in your business. 
    Oh, you want them to teach you six sigma?  Quality professonals with long quality experience (and the six sigma black belt) will tell you, there is nothing new in six sixma other than a format for problem solving and the use of statistics for data evaluation and decision making.  Can’t you get a team together and lay out a planned approach for problem solving?  I’ll bet that any group of people can get together and lay out a plan and a format.  As mentioned in other responses, there is no standardized six sigma teaching format or industry requirements (licenses or training credentials) for a six sixma program.  So can’t you create your own program?  Motorola did.  GE did.
    You don’t have a background in statistics?  1. You are the expert in your business.  2. You can plan a program and guidelines and have it up and running in weeks.  3.  Take a statistics class at a University and receive a superior education is statistics compared to Six Sigma Black Belts.  4. Buy a book on Six Sigma.  Ask a business with an establihed six sigma program for a review/tour.  
    A:  You are the expert of your business. 
    B:  You can build a custom program to meet your requirements.
    C:  You will have saved a fortune in consulting fees. 
    D:  The expertise and training you developed is on your payroll.  It didn’t walk out the door at the end of the project.
    E:  You can do it!  What makes you think you can not?  Change that. 

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