How Do I Calculate DPMO from a Percentage?

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    Could someone please help me with the following?

    How do I calcualte the DPMO from a percentage?

    For instance, if my defective rate sampled is 60%, how do I calculate the DPMO of this?


    I feel like I need to subtract (1-percentage) or (1-.6)
    which equates to .4

    Any ideas or guidance?


    Don Hutchcraft

    60% would be 60 failures out of 100. With that in mind calculate your defects off of the number of tests run, then finish with the calculations for DPMO.


    Amit Kumar Ojha

    Hi Mo,

    First and foremost, you need the exact count of the following entities for calculating DPMO:
    1. No of Defects (D) (and Not Defectives) even if its in percentage you can easily use the implied value i.e. in you case if there are 60% defectives rates (assuming each defective has only one defect), no of defects you can take as 60.
    2. Total no of items (N) (again based upon your scenario you can take it as 100)
    3. Total no of opportunities (O) (You need to get a count for this entity)

    DPMO = [D/(N*O)]*10^6
    In you case = [60/(100*O)]*10^6

    All the best !!!


    Mike Carnell

    Mo Lets not make this any more difficult than it needs to be. The question you asked was how does 60% equate DPMO. I am not going to go off on some inane diatribe about opportunities. I assume you understand what an opportunity is and the difference between a defect and a defective (since those were not part of your question). Really simple version – what is 60% of 1,000,000? If that is to simple remember the 60/100=X/1,000,000.

    People want this to be complicated. It isn’t.

    Just my opinion.

    The answer is 600,000

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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