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    Team :Would like to know in DPMO definition does defect(D) have be as unit as Unit (U).Let me explain my query with example. If we are sending bills to customers and dissatisfied customers call the call center. Here my aim is to reduce the calls. I have two options :
    1) Defect : Call ,Unit : Each Account where statement is sent 2) Defect: Each account which calls, Unit : Each Account where statement is sentAre both 1) and 2) valid or is only 2) valid since here defect and Unit have same units i.e Account.



    DPMO = Defects Per Million Opportunities
    If a single unit only offers the chance to foul up once then Opportunities=Units.
    If each unit offers a number of (proven) chances that could be fouled up on then Opportunities > Units
    It looks like your option 2 is more correct. You could divide a invoice into bits – so address of customer, arithmetic of the financial bit, timeliness and so on. You could then call each one an opportunity?
    Take the route that best suits your companies needs


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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