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    Gary Cone

    Let’s take a moment today to remember Dr. Juran who passed last
    Thursday at the age of 103.His book Managerial Breakthrough is the basis of what we all do
    today. I have learned from Dr. Juran since early in my career. Take
    the time to read something by him. It is a great way to honor him.Posted: Saturday, 01 March 2008 7:56AMJoseph Juran, ‘Quality Control’ Guru, Dead at 103RYE, N.Y. (1010 WINS) — Joseph M. Juran, a pioneer of quality
    management whose “Quality Control Handbook” revolutionized
    how companies around the world made and sold products, has
    died. He was 103.
    Juran died Thursday after suffering an apparent stroke, his family
    said.The “Quality Control Handbook” was first published in 1951, and at
    least five more editions followed. The book describes the
    mathematical basis for quality improvements.

Juran believed that
    quality improvements were key to businesses’ survival and profits
    — not only for manufacturers, but for enterprises as diverse as
    scientific organizations, hospitals, supermarkets, and Internet

    He worked as a quality control consultant, lecturer and author until
    he was in his 90s, his son Donald Juran said. “He always told me,
    ‘Never be without a project,’ and he never was,” he said.
    Juran attended the University of Minnesota and started his career in
    Chicago at Western Electric Co., the former manufacturing arm of
    AT&T, trying to resolve product defects, his son said.
    During World War II, Juran worked in Washington, eliminating
    bottlenecks that hindered timely equipment shipments to U.S.
    allies overseas, and worked to minimize defective exports.
    After teaching industrial engineering briefly at New York University,
    he became a hired expert, helping companies come up with quality
    control standards, his family said. In 1979, he founded Juran
    Institute, an organization aimed at providing companies with
    research and advice on managing quality.
    Juran is survived by his wife of 81 years, Sadie, three sons, a
    daughter, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
    Funeral arrangements were pending, his family said


    Heebeegeebee BB

    That is a real loss.
    -A true Pioneer, who will be missed.



    Thank you for letting us know this Gary.
    I had a unique opportunity to chat with him a few years ago in a casual setting. He told a few of us the story of his early years when he “found” the concept of variation and its detrimental impact on production. As he spoke he drew pictures and charts on a piece of paper. At the end of the discussion I retrieved the paper and, as an aside, ask him to sign it.Obviously I still have it and will cherish it. He led an amazing life.
    It’s good to know he’s off to Heaven before the rest of us. Things will be much better there shortly I’m sure.



    Some additional news was posted on the site:


    Heebeegeebee BB

    I’d love to see a scanned version of that!
    Can you swing it?



    HeeBee, I’ll try – give me a couple of days.



    HeeBee:You can post it as a Powerpoint on the Google site. The link can be posted to this forum pretty easily like this posting., Alastair


    Chris Seider

    Nice touch.  I’m sorry to hear of his passing away.  Let’s hope his family has comfort during their time of grief.
    I still have my copy of Juran’s Quality Handbook (can’t remember if its first or second edition) that a good mentor gave to me as he was handing over the reins of Quality Director to me because of his retirement.

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