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    I am looking for some answers of specific questions related to durability of smart phone manufacturing. It would be really nice if someone who knows the industry could answer some of my questions.

    What will be a typical SIPOC or any other process map that the industry can develop within the scope of the related field?
    How can the industry capture Voice of the Customer in the related field and convert it to CTQ’s within their quality control/management systems?
    Depending on the CTQ’s chosen, how can we assess Measurement Systems and Process Capability Analysis? What will be effective Process Characterization and Estimation techniques and tools?
    How can the industry assure that they have designed capable Acceptance sampling procedures based on CTQ’s?
    If the industry is going to introduce new products or services, what wii be an influential failure mode and effect prevention technique?
    Has there been any major examples of quality dimension related catastrophe within the industry’s performance historically?


    Norbert Feher

    Dear Dalma,

    Your questions are very general. They have to be more specific in order to avoid “boiling the ocean” and be able to provide a real answer…

    I have been working for a factory as a six sigma Black Belt that produced 1+ million smartphones per month (4000+ employees).

    Please send me a direct mail and I will be happy to assist You!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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