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    I am working on a project involving “eprocessing” of insurance market transactions.  We have several hundred clerical workers who thumb through dozens of sheets of nonstandardised documentation to find data to input into our IT systems.  Each tranaction takes from 10 mins to more than an hour to complete.
    We are working on a technology driven solution which will deliver scanned images and some structured data directly to the clerk’s PC.  This will decrease transport time which will improve total cycle time and customer satisfaction.  However, we are sure that transaction time for the clerk will increase due to the inconvenience of paging up and down to find data on a monitor.  This will negatively effect cost per transaction and processing capacity.
    Standardising documentation is not possible in the short-term because there are several hundred suppliers (underwriters and brokers) who have different agendas.

    Anyone have existing data on cycle time impact of moving from working on documents to working from scanned images on a PC screeen?  This will help with business case.
    Has anyone had a similar experience?  Best practices for redesigning to minimise impact on clerical process?
    Thanks in advance.


    Lalit Upmanyu

    I think that the work you are trying to do is is already being done in companies that are outsourcing their transaction processing to offshore locations. The processor get the scanned images of the documents and feed data out of those images onto the mainframe systems.
    I suggest you try to look out for the list of the companies that are doing this. (Most of the outsourcing is happening to India). They may be able to share some data with you. For Example : GE, Amex, AVIVA, prudential.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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