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    I am looking for the most efficient and effective method to collect suggestions from employees for lean or six sigma initiatives.  Example being a simple spreadsheet stored under a network folder for all to access and email to me when completed.  Or, perhaps a communication board to physically post their ideas.
    Thinking through the info to capture, feedback, etc.



    Jason, Good morning!Thanks for your posting. However, 2 observations / suggestions:1. If you really want good employee suggestion efforts, they need to be part of the culture — get on Google or AllTheWeb or some other search engine, and investigate how really good suggestions systems work (start with Toyota and Canon). A good suggestion system is MUCH MUCH more than just asking employees for their ideas.2. If your company does NOT want to have a really good employee suggestion program, FORGET getting ideas for lean and six sigma initiatives from front-line employees. Just forget it. Despite your best intentions (and I believe your intentions are good), it will simply be an unproductive, morale-deflating, and time-consuming diversion.
    Instead, ONLY go to your management for these ideas. Start with you balanced scorecard (hope that your company has one), and find the points of pain. Start there, work with with your management to prioritize, and then go from there. If you company does NOT have a good balanced scorecard, then ask your management and executives “what keeps them up at night (from a BUSINESS perspective, not a personal one!!). If your managers and execs are honest with you, you will get a LOT of “points of pain”.Then, use your Six Sigma skills and tools to prioritize, etc…. AND, add “development of a balanced scorecard” to your list of possible projects!!! AND, if you are really brave, add in “development of a truly effective employee suggestion system” as a possible project, too!Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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