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    I have been reading up on six sigma and lean six sigma and I am encouraged about the possibilities it presents for my factory. However, the majority of my senior management consider six sigma to be another fad – ” good in theory but we havent got the resource to mess about with six sigma”.
    Our parent company is applying pressure to reduce costs at our factory and I have just been involved in  a discussion with my senior managers regarding the potential financial benefits of improvement. Part of the discussion revolved around levels of return required to support a full time improvement engineer. I immediateley thought of some of the quotes for bb returns but felt unable to substantiate these claims.
    Please can you provide any real examples of returns from black belts and if possible express them as a percentage of turnover. I need to demonstrate the potential financial advantages before they consider six sigma as a real opportunity. The factory is a £35M business employing 500 people manufacturing a range of small metal components.
    Also any additional advise regarding engaging reluctant senior management  would be greatly appreciated.


    Andrew M. Brody

    I’m not sure you’ve provided enough info., however, if your Sr. Mgt. is not open to it, You’re almost dead in the water, because when times get rough you will not have the support you need to continue a project against peer opposition. 
    Next, If you are BB or even GB trained, try to tackle a meaningful project that will get their attention and give you a platform from which to speak.  (It will really have to have a bottom line impact.)
    Finally, If you can individually poll the Sr. Management and find one influential individual, try and recruit him/her as a champion to his peers who may just be willing to listen to him.
    Any way you cut it, you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Keep us “posted”.
    Andrew M. Brody


    Reinaldo Ramirez

    I remember the Dr. Juran´s quality trilogy, in the lates 80. You need to motivate the Senior Managers with the language better understood by them: MONEY. As a consultant (BB or GB) you should take a problem (a project is a problem to be solved; Juran; 1980). Then you estimated the waste in it (The poor quality cost) and then you transform the waste in terms of money or may be in terms of product returned by the customer, or may be in complaints by the customer, and so on…I´m sure your Senior Manager will catch the ideas of the benefits in use the concepts of Six Sigma Black or Green Belt. See Dr. Mikel Harry´s book.
    Six Sigma is an advanced concept of the economic of quality because you get effectives quantum leaps in the economic of your company.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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