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    Jim Lewis

    I am very interested in the six sigma field but I want to know what I need to do to get an entry level job.
    I presently own my own reruiting agency and I have over 20 years in sales in marketing for HP, GTE, Motorola and Sprint.
    I plan on taking an on-line course to get a green belt certification from BMG.
    Does anyone have experience with BMG?
    How can I get a job with a company so I can do a project?
    Thank you.


    Anna O’Connell

    Gee Jim –
    If you own your own business, make your first “learning” project one of reducing variation in a key process for your business.  For recruiting, maybe “handling incoming resumes” or “interviewing hiring managers to elicit key requirements” or any of several possible places where, if you do it better, faster, cheaper than the competition, you generate more money from existing business and/or more business.
    If that doesn’t do it for you, find a community organization you admire or support that needs an improvement consultant – a school, a clinic, a club, a hospital, the local police or fire department – and ask if you can “learn while doing” a project for them at no charge.  You must get the agreeement and support of the head of the organization and the person in who’s area you’ll be doing your project as almost the first steps. 
    Good luck.
    Anna O’C

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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