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    The company I work for make rather complicted medical diagnosic equipment.  We track when the equipment is shipped to our customers how and is installed if there are any problems during the installation besides normal adjustments and if any part were found to be defective when unboxed and needed to be replaced.
    We were given a goal of 80% good, no problems with a stretch or longer term goal of 90%.
    We track what is replaced and there doesn’t seem to be any trends or problem parts.
    1. Any benchmark information of “out of boax quality” for equipment similar in parts count to a production photo copier?
    2. Any feedback best practices or ideas on how to move the metric?
    We are trying to find trends but as I mentioned before the parts and the problems at instal vary.  A sensor here, a pushed pin on a connector there….
    PS – we do a limited burn in and functional testing prior to shipment so it works when in leaves.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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