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    I am looking for examples, in everyday life, of what impact defects have on a product or service, i.e., what impact does 99% accuracy have — what is the resultant 1% inaccuracy?


    Kevin M

    Use numbers instead of a %, then look for a process that easily has one million opportunities where a single mistake is costly.  Maybe, airport security, one breach and they shut down the airport.  How many hours does it take for LAX to process one million people, then how much would it cost for 3 errors in that same time frame. 


    Robert Butler

     A number of everyday examples come to mind.
    1. If there was only a 99% chance of safely landing an airplane every time it landed – every airport in the country would be littered with wreckage.
    2. If there was only a 99% chance of safely crossing the street every time you stepped off of the sidewalk –  the most common cause of death would be death by crossing the street.
    3. If the postal service only had a 99% success rate in mail delivery there would be mountains of mis-delivered mail piled on street corners.
    4. If the local drug store only had a 99% success rate in correctly filling prescriptions there probably wouldn’t be any such thing as a drug store.
    5. If there was only a 99% chance of not getting a fatal shock from a light switch each time you turned on the lights – candles would be a very popular means of illumination and anyone who actually used light switches would be viewed as a reckless daredevil.
      The point here is, if you are looking for examples of anything where 99% isn’t good enough, just look for things that are done again and again on a daily basis and I’m sure you will be able to work out any number of examples like those listed above.


    Marc Richardson

    You go to the grocery store to buy a can of tuna. There are 100 cans on the shelf. One of them contains botulism, the other 99 are just fine. Are you going to take a chance and buy the tuna anyway?
    Marc Richardson
    Sr. Q.A. Eng.



    Some examples of being only 99% good are
    20,000 lost articles of mail per hour
    15 minutes of unsafe drinking water per day
    5000 incorrect surgical procedures per week
    7 hours without electricity per month
    200,000 wrong prescriptions per year
    These examples are credited to Harry (1987)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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