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    I took the Expertrating Six Sigma BB and passed. To be frank, its true that you gain knowledge on Six Sigma from this in the cheapest way but I doubt you can really apply. You will need much more effort and Guide to really apply even though you are Certified.
    Experrating Six Sigma BB will definately not add value to your Profile as a Black Belt Expert but ofcourse present you to the Corporate world that you have some knowledge in it and can apply to some extent.
    Also let me tell you that None of the Six Sigma Certifications are accepted globally.
    If you do Projects at Motorola or GE under Six Sigma ; I think most of the Corporates will recognize.


    Ali from UAE

    Please  explain  how  you  managed  to do that?
    I  have  been  trained  by  Villanova U. and awarded the  master  certificate  in  SS,but  I  still  need  to  be  certified.
    thanks  and  regards


    Adam L Bowden

    Hello Ali,I think that what AB is saying is that it refers too credibility.
    There are a lot of lower cost certifications that are not credible to
    people that understand pedigree certifications. I for one would not
    hire some one with a low cost certification typically as they cannot
    show results or true “real world application” (the blood sweat tears /
    scars). Book knowledge is no substitute for real world application.Adam

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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