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Fatal Error Reduction Project

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    Mohammed Hammad

    Hi All,

    I am planning to start a project for Fatal reduction process… please help me

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    Don’t start, therefore you can’t fail. Hope that helps.

    This is just too easy.

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    Oh, if you come up with a reasonable question, perhaps you’ll pose it for a reasonable answer.

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    Just to clarify what MBBinWI said – nobody has a clue what you are asking/

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    Mohammed Hammad

    i am working for inbound call center…hence getting fatals for regarding incorrect and incomplete information….. also in tagging want to start a project to reduce these fatals

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    Mohammed Hammad

    i have never started a project or worked in it…… need a guide who can help me start a successfuly complete it

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    Start with clearly defining your project. What are the measureable objectives, what are the process steps, what is current state, and what is desired state.

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    I guess you are initiating a project where you have ‘accuracy’ issues in a “Fatal reduction process” and need advice. The project aims at reducing errors caused due to incorrect / incomplete information that have creeped into the process.

    As the earlier members stated, please tell us about your project objectives clearly and what you are trying to achieve from this, and someone will surely assist you.

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    Mohammed Hammad


    Yes sachin I have to reduce the error which are in my process. Error contribution in my process is 200 per 1000 audits which is 20% Fatal Error.”

    “Fatal Reasons are

    Incorrect Tagging – Custome had one some query but agent tagged it under wrong Type

    Incomplete tagging* – Did not tag all the queries that customer had asked

    No Tagging* – Did not tag the main Query

    Number confirmation – In our process after greeting we have to confirm the customers number. If not done or wrong number is confirmed it is fatal.

    Incorrect Information – Information given to the customer was not correct

    Incomplete information* – Complete information is imp.(eg for a mobile recharge if they dont say the mode of recharge it is fatal)

    Security Check – If customer asks account related information sec check is necessary)

    Rudeness – If agent is been rude on the call it is marked fatal”

    Fatals with (*) sign are the major error contributors.

    to reduce the error to less than 3%

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    Seems as though you already have a defined problem with measurements for the ‘pain’ alongwith a goal (reduction of errors to less than 3%). This is a good start. I would suggest that you try and get some data around the various fatal reasons that you have listed – Incorrect Tagging, Incomplete Tagging etc.

    Once you have those in place, you could fill out a project charter for the overall project as well as measure the intensity of each of these reasons as identified. You might want to only concentrate only on a few important ones, or maybe the whole lot, depending upon volume and reasons you identify at a later stage.

    I would suggest that once you have these numbers, talk to the individual teams and try to identify the root causes as to why these errors take place. You could use a number of tools here – the easier ones being fishbones and paretos.

    Once that is done, and you have the required numbers from the earlier stage, you need to come up with an improvement plan in acceptance to your process policies and procedures. Very soon you will be on your way improving the process and don’t forget to put a control plan in place.

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    Pareto your defects from your audits and tackle the top 2 or 3 defects at most. Don’t boil the ocean, just the pot.

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    Ravindra Joshi
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    @ Mohammad – I have done similar project for Inbound Customer Service, i guess i can help you with good inputs. If intersted u can drop me a mail on & then we shall take it forward from there.

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    Pls share a ppt

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    Arpit You have a person who was kind enough to offer you assistance and asked you to email him. I would think it would common courtesy to comply with the request.

    Just my opinion

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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