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Fees for Bank Call Centres

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    David Swans for the Cup
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    Hi,   The problem is that 15% of customers call 90% of the time – thus lots of serial callers! Cost of a call $10.  I am proposing charging these repeat offenders ($5) to encourage then to move to internet or phone banking or at least authenticate.  Only will do this to low value customers as I am sure that are just lazy and refuse to change! Exemptions for students and pensioners.  If anyone has experience in call centres I would be very gratefull to hear about in. I practise Lean SS.


    Hi David,
    Something that has been done in some banks is, first identify who those customers you call “offenders” and low value at the same time are, and target them with a new commission scenario. They are informed that a base commission of X$ will be charge to them and this includes x amount of phone calls per year. Each phone call extra they make they will be charge x amount per call.
    I hope this helps,


    My view on the above suggestion is different, charginbg only defaulter or exempting of students and pensioner will nto be too easy in case of arge Volume. Too many restriction will be to complicate for the employees to handle the situation. Rather we should try to analyse the frequent queries and try to find a fix solution or the way to tackle them in 1st attempt. This will any how reduce the opex and wud also lead to customer satisfaction.


    Yes, you should see if frequent questions across all customers will spark process improvements, and you can setup a usage limit above which fees may be charged, but sometimes it just boils down to firing the customer.


    Hi,  All of the initiative mentioned above are in place so this is not an isolated project. Some customers think of nothing to call up and complain about a 60 cent fee (cost of call $10) or simply to abuse staff and vent their anger. We want to get rid of these no value transactions.
    So please tell how do we ‘fire’ the customer ? I am thinking a fee will get rid of them to e channels or alogether. We may never collect such a fee of course but hopefully it will get rid of such low value noise.


    Your number seems quite low for a banking call centre. I would recommend revisiting your data to ensure your 15/90 conclusion is representative of the annual call volume. Perhaps, you will need to draw a larger sample size or # of sub samples dependent on the # and types of products and services offered via  your call centre.
    In regard to charging fee to a frequent caller, 1 option is to categorized your calls i.e., inquiry, transactional (fee generating) and sales. Once you have deterined the call type split, then work your way to further understand the call types that do not add any value to bottom such as balance inquiry and start charging a fee for these calls. I know 1 of the banks in Canada charges $1.50 if customers calls for a balance inquiry, however, that bank does warns customers the first time they call for balance that they will be charged $1.50 for agent assisted inquiries vs. web banking or IVR assisted.


    We “fire” Customers all of the time if they call too often, verbally abuse our Agents or simply expect too much hand-holding.  We simply tell them that they do not fit our low-cost business model, that we are closing their accounts and we have decided to end our banking relationship with them.
    One thing to consider instead of penalizing Customers who call too much is rewarding those who self-service their accounts.  My current project – call center service diversion – is exploring that as one of the improvements. 


    My first key question here is: What is the root cause of the 15% calling this frequently?
    The other key question is: Assuming that you administer such a fee system, what is the cost of set up and maintenance? How many calls will you generate from customers who will investigate the fee? And what will be the impact of lost business (you may have several product/service lines, and an infrequent user of one product/service line may be a frequent user in another one … consider the impact of service bundling and how dissatisfaction with one line impacts the total brand image)
    In any case, every organization that I know of that attempted this “solution” has failed in actually collecting the money. Maybe there are some others out there who were more successful with this intervention.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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