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    1. Which would be more reasonable definition for a defect
    a)Product ends up returned in warranty
    b)Product doesn’t pass our testsAt first I was told to use b), but then it wouldn’t make any sence as using an extremely slacky testing system would give our products a superior DPMO. The problem with a) is that ppl in marketing tend not to report all the warranty returns.If a), should I exclude errors that are sure to get caught on testing? Again, I can’t see how a good testing system could lower the quality.2. Should components coming from our subcontractors be concidered as a potential error for us?3. Which of these opportunity groups should be grouped as one or excluded? (Never mind if they are CTQ or not)-attaching the screws
    -wrong/missing screws
    -attaching the connectors
    -wrong/missing component
    -attaching the component
    -attaching plates etc.
    -placing the wires
    -spreading of thermal paste
    -checking the quality of soldering done by robots
    -general checking (I suppose this has to be excluded as it doesn’t do any increase in value)
    -attaching plastic parts
    -errors in software loading
    -wrong/missing wires
    -attaching labels
    -solderingThanks in advance. (And sorry about my terrible english.)

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