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    I am a Quality Proferssional (20 years) from an electronic manufacturing background (commerical and military). I have 3 years experience with Six sigma and I am a certified Black Belt. I also have my MBA and presently taking an ASQ preparation class for the CQE exam in June.
    So….Why can’t I find Six Sigma management position in either N.Y. or Florida?
    I have been on all the career boards, including Monster, Flipdog, Dice and SixSigma jobs. I also used  recuiters.  Most of the positions are automotive, service or  pharmaceutical. My resume is often denided due to lack of experience in these fields.
    What can one do??
    Thanks for all replys.



    Ouh.. I don’t know, may be a spell checker would help?



    Honestly, I don’t have an answer for your case. But you are not alone, I am in a similar situation, the difference is that I am in California.
    My recommendation/comment: don’t give up and shoot for a non-managerial position; you will be able to work your way up the ladder once you are in.
    Good luck and don’t get discouraged by useless replies, like the first one by “S” (probably “sour grape”?).
    Take care!


    Ø6 Sigma BB Coordinator

    Someone says that one of the most difficult thing in our life is waiting.
    I have wait for the position I like for 2 years.
    You just wait and the good opportunities will come.
    Good luck.
    Six Sigma Black Belt Coordinator


    Larry Holpp

    Don’t feel too bad Ed. I am a MBB from GE with 20 years transactional experience, several publications and pretty significant expertise.  I also interview well.  Ive been looking for six months and only close to a job once or twice.  It’s a very tough market out there.  Do a second look at your resume and get feedback on it from some recuriter you trust (haha) make sure it’s clear and simple.  Im doing the same.  Good luck.


    Chris Young

    Larry and Ed,
    I very much understand your situations, and as I have stated in previous threads, I am more than willing to assist those in your position.
    I don’t normally respond on this site, because I don’t feel that such lines of thought are best suited to a website designed for the free exchange of information to further the Six Sigma methodology and for assisting others with Six Sigma questions and projects.
    Again, for those who know me, forgive the intrusion.  To those such as Larry and Ed, I am an Executive Recruiter who specializes in placing Six Sigma leaders into Tier I companies, matching their technical merits, leadership potential, communication skills, and corporate culture expectations to the right opportunity. 
    If you have been searching for over 6 months, then you are speaking with the wrong people.  I don’t particularly wish to send my name, or that of my company, across the airwaves…but I am overwrought by the number of poorly trained third party recruiters who cannot help those professionals that ask their assistance.
    If I can be of help, contact me at [email protected].  I will be happy to discuss options with you and provide direction, even if I don’t have anything that presently fits your background.
    Again…my apologies for intruding.
    Thanks to all,



    If interested, please call at your convenience – 704.386.3013.  I’m a Corporate Recruiter for Bank of America and will be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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