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    I’ve read most of the messages posted here since 2001 pertaining to the comparision between ISO 9000 and 6 Sigma. My organisation (based in India) is a Food & Beverage production and retailing company offering multiple products and services. Each individual restaurant/ product has its own set of clients and target group. Being part of the core management  team, I wish to understand the following –
     1. Whether ISO 9000 and 6 Sigma can be applied to our orgaisation to bring about a standardisation of products and services and ensure maximum customer satisfaction, for each individual product as well as for the entire range of services?
    2. Should the projects be taken up simultaneously or in succession? Majority of our staff is NOT statistics savvy but I understand that each staff has a vital role to play in effective implementation of the same.Will that be a problem?
    3. Should we wait for ISO 9000:2006  specifications to be published before we go ahead?
    Any information or suggestion on the above will be highly appreciated.



    HI, You can implement and maintain ISO9001:2000 in order to put the system in practice. You may adapt Six Sigma methodology to make some breakthrough improvements. Not necessary that your employees need to be an expert in statistics – awareness on some basic tools and techniques would be sufficient to start with. I have seen many HR / Finance (support dept.) personnel in Mfg. industries have learnt and applied many Six Sigma tools and techniques. It cannot happen immediately and it would take some time to spread across. Taking up these 2 initiatives will not give much benefits – I would suggest you to get ISO9001 certification thro’ good implementation and then you can look at Six Sigma implementation……ISO also mandates on Continual improvements.



    I am too from India only.
    These can go parallely….. ok, there is no problem in it (it depends on industry to industry)…
    But, personally I would prefer ISO9000 at first and then SS implementation. There are 100 reasons to explain this….
    If you need any further info, please mail me to [email protected]
    Which part of India are you in? If it is near by my place, I can help you in this….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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