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    Tamela Serensits

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and look forward to learning from the group. I am currently working through my Masters of Applied Statistics from Penn State but I spent the past ten years working for Minitab. :) I’m out on my own now and trying my hand at entrepreneurship. I’m focusing on trying to help small manufacturers implement quality tools such as in-process data monitoring and capability analysis. If you have any thoughts regarding the state of SPC – reach out! I would love to hear from you!

    Just a brief word: I am constantly humbled by the enthusiasm of quality professionals in the face of a mountain of obstacles. I think consumers take for granted the reliability of products and services these days. We certainly don’t always understand or appreciate the Herculean effort it takes to bring only the best to market. On behalf of the world… THANK YOU!


    Katie Barry

    @tammyz06 Welcome to the site! Good luck in your entrepreneur journey.


    Michael Cyger

    Hi Tammy,

    Great to have you in the community. You’ll find that on iSixSigma, like most workplaces, everyone wants to be best friends with statisticians like yourself. :) And you’ll also find plenty of stats questions posted in this forum.

    I look forward to reading your posts and learning from your experiences!



    Joe Wojniak

    Hi Tamela, it’s great that you’re pursuing a Master’s in Applied Statistics! I’ve been using Minitab for years, I’m sure you’ve got a great background from working there. SPC is an interesting topic- I got my first job in Quality implementing SPC. I’ve seen interest in it rise and fall– depending upon the industry. If the company is primarily a contract manufacturer and are essentially selling their service of manufacturing, they may be interested in SPC. For other manufacturers, high volume, low margin products where a small number of defects would prevent achieving any profits are most likely to being interested in SPC. The emerging area for statistics seems to be in ‘Big Data’ and using R. Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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