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    Mujaffar Muzawar


    I am looking to map mutiple processes for specific process areas in order to study the contraints to be addressed as i am looking to digitalise each and every work station with Tocuh pC & scanner to a achieve parts traceabilty.

    I am not sure which is best way Flow Process Chart or Value stream maping.

    Any suggestions please will be apprciated.


    Andrew Parr

    Hi @muzawarm I hope you are well.

    If this were my piece of work I’d probably do a SIPOC first and then a VSM as I’d expect to see the constraints more clearly with a VSM.

    The SIPOC gives me a focus on who is putting in and receiving this process as well as giving me that 30,000 feet view of what the important steps are.

    Just my opinion, as always!


    Mujaffar Muzawar

    Hi Andy,

    Great to hear from you back. Thank you so much for your suggestion. Let me brief you abit about Project i am delviering.
    project : Introducing scanning technology in job shop with Industrial touch pc.
    Concept : Every workstation is equipped with Touch PC & Scanner, so every time a associate needs to work on any component he scan in, and the developed software app records in and scan outs.
    It is more of bringing in transparency & traceabilty of parts which currently missing.
    I am in my implementation phase now, where i am waitng for my purcahsed hardware devices to be delviered thereby going live by Jan 18.
    As this implementation calls for loads of process change and integrations i wanted to do new process mapping for specific process areas integrating these new hardware & software applciations.

    Also i am trrying to get my head around with Risk Assement and analysis to be conducted wiht this new scanning technology going in.

    Once again thank you so much, i will try SIPOC and see how the over view looks.

    Thanking you,

    Best Regards,

    Mujaffar M



    It isn’t either/or. How you map a process depends on what you want to learn/show about it. The more ways you map it the better you understand. I recommend starting with SIPOC as @Andy-Parr said. Then do a flowchart to identify what happens in the “P” part of SIPOC. After that you can do a VSM to see what’s value-added and what isn’t. For risk assessment it’s hard to beat FMEA.


    Shalin Siriwardhana

    In my opinion, since you want to map multiple processes, the best option for you right now is process maps. Value stream maps are a lean tool. Sure it help bringing few processes together. But the focus of VSM are more towards current state and the future state (improved) of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer with reduced lean wastes as compared to current map. As you can see in these VSM Examples, it is not the type of mapping you should use for your processes. These Process Maps are the ones you should use to illustrate processes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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