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    Prasad Malapaka

    In the FMEA we have a column called “Recommended Action”. If there are any effects on the recommended actions (for example, “introduce an alternate process” is mentioned as a recommended action.) If it calls for addtional effects during the verify/improve phase we will go back and change our process and/or redefine this. If the new processs calls for a major impact then we need to redo lot of work. So is it not very late to correct the recommended action.
    What I feel is that if we are giving any recommened action, immediately we shall write the FMEA for the new recommended action so that feasbility of it can be worked out.
    Example : We have taken a project (DMADV) where in we need to write a process to move some of our projects to a new location. In this, we are assuming that we do not need to move associates; all the necessary assocaites are available in the new location. We have written an FMEA on this . In one of the issues (the management does not have the confidence on the assoaites at the new location) we have said that “Move teh associates from teh existing location to the new location” as a recomended action. If we take up this as the recommended action — then it will have lot of impact (such as whether assocaites are willing to go there or not, how to motivate them etc,. ) My question is at what point of time, we shall think of the effects of the recommended action. Is it at the verfiy phase (which I think is too late) or while writing the current FMEA stage itself. (if it is in the current FMEA stage – then it is another problem; for each recommendatin we have to think of the actions mens — sometimes it will be very lengthy and does not end).
    Any ideas/experiences –help me.

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